Advantages of Partnering with Rigid for Canadian Metal Buildings

Designing and constructing a building using conventional techniques can take months, even years, to complete. Pre-engineered metal buildings on the other hand, require much less time to assemble and drastically cut construction costs and maintenance expenses. Recently expanding its services to Canada, Rigid Global Buildings offers a full line of metal building systems and components, custom designed to withstand the climates of each unique region. Local builders can learn more about our Canadian metal buildings and our Authorized Builder Program through our website or by contacting a representative directly.

Custom Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

What separates Rigid from other pre-engineered building manufacturers is our engineering capabilities. In addition to fabricating the components of our metal building systems in-house, we also have a team of engineers who are dedicated to optimizing each building system to meet the specific needs of our clients.

We work directly with local builders and brokers to understand the needs of their customers and to bring their vision to life. Moreover, Rigid not only offers complete metal buildings, but also manufactures structural components, allowing our partners to offer the most sophisticated hybrid buildings in the industry.

Dedicated to Quality Control and Fostering Partnerships

Over the years, Rigid has developed a unique design and production system that allows us to maintain our high quality control standards while lowering our labor costs. As holders of CSA A660 certification and the IAS AC-472 certification, Rigid has been confirmed by the Canadian Welding Bureau as a manufacturer whose systems are capable of consistently producing quality metal building systems.

Partner with Rigid and become part of our expanding Canadian network. Learn more about our Authorized Builder program and our Canadian metal buildings by calling 1 (800) 658-2885 today.

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